Boxwood Bonsai Tree

The Boxwood bonsai tree has tiny leathery leaves, dense growth habits and rough bark make it a good bonsai tree subject.  Since it needs minimal sunlight, the boxwood bonsai tree is perfect for an indoor environment

  • Boxwoods will grow decently in low light, but thrive in filtered light conditions. Strong direct sunlight may cause the leaves to burn.
  • Prune back to shape to your preference. We recommend using a sharp pruning tool.
  • Water moderately, increasing in summer and decreasing in winter. Many Boxwoods are very tolerant of being over or under watered, which makes them ideal for beginners.
  • Repot as necessary. However, the boxwood can be pruned to keep its size within the pot included. Basic bonsai soil is recommended, although the Boxwood tolerates many soil conditions.