California Juniper Workshop

On October 2nd, I had the opportunity to assist David Nguy during his California Juniper workshop at the Golden State Bonsai Federations’ Annual Convention.  During the workshop, David worked with many California Juniper trees. However, the most notable tree was  a California Juniper that had a few laggy branches on them and a lot to be desired.  The tree was also too tall.

It was a great experience as we were able to decrease the overall height of the tree by 12 inches simply with guy wire and raffia.  The raffia was wrapped around the branches to ensure that the branch and cambium would not be damaged while tightening the guy wire when bringing down the branch.  David Nguy was able to control the branch carefully to bring it into the desired position.

Afterwards we were able to wire all the primary and secondary branches so that they could be arranged by David.  The end result was a beautiful full looking tree with full foliage. If the opportunity ever arises to watch David Nguy perform a demonstration, we highly recommend it.  His next demonstration will be in Arizona for the Scottsdale Bonsai Society.