Coastal Redwood Bonsai

The Coast Redwood or Sequoia Sempervirens is a very popular species for bonsai trees. The long foliage and needles can be trained easily downward with lighter gauge wire making it ideal for beginners. Redwoods are strong, powerful, and sprout consistently on the trunk. These species of tree work well for making a forest style bonsai. Below please see our Coastal Redwood Bonsai Care information.

Coastal Redwood Bonsai Care

  • Coastal Redwood enjoy humidity, it is recommended to water the tree daily and monitor the wetness of the soil.
  • The Coastal Redwood bonsai tree enjoys both partial and full sun. During the summer, if the heat is too intense, the foliage may burn. Place bonsai in a shaded area for protection.
  • Coastal Redwood can be trimmed back easily with shears. The trunk sprouts new buds during the spring making it ideal for cutting back to contain growth.
  • Repot should be done in the spring or fall for best results.

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