Why Bonsai

I was recently talking with friends and they asked my why I was so into bonsai.  Why would someone spend 5 hours to wire a tree, or wait years to develop a branch?   Thinking back when I first started, I didn’t quite understand it either.  Curious to see what others thought, I asked my fellow club members and students, why do bonsai?  We all came to same conclusion.

Enjoying bonsai is a therapeutic and stress relieving experience.  I’ve found that while wiring a tree, your mind focuses purely on the branch only and you drift away from any other worries you have.  It’s difficult to sometimes sit down and make a concentrated effort to not think of anything.  Bonsai gives you that great outlet.  Whether just cleaning out foliage or designing a tree, it truly is a wonderful way to relax.

Most people I have introduced to the hobby have been hooked almost immediately.  The moment they put their hands in and experience it rather than just viewing it, they understand as well.